Your Work Calendar & Value part 1 of 4

Blog 1 of 4 on the value of your work calendar.

Let’s talk about your work calendar for the next few blogs. Your calendar is likely packed full of obligations. Maybe a bunch of one-on-ones. You may have even inherited meetings that used to be attended by the person who had your job before you. On top of the double and triple-booked meetings, you have a life outside of work that calls for your attention, too.

It’s time to think about the value of these meetings.

A change for the better sounds great, but …it seems your work life is so locked into that calendar, that Outlook starts to sounds a bit ironic. A simple exercise can be the first step to a new kind of work calendar. This exercise is part of my workshop, but you can use the questions on your own:

  1. Make time, about 30 minutes, on a Friday to review your work calendar for the next week. If you have an assistant, do the meeting with that person, so you two have a shared understanding of the goal.
  2. Look at each meeting and ask:
    1. Do I give value at this meeting?
    2. Do I get value at this meeting?
  3. Then, the scary part: remove yourself from the meetings where you neither give nor get value. Talk with the meeting organizer, but be gentle but clear.

If you are too busy ask these questions of your calendar, perhaps you are too busy.

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