Value & Meetings, Part 1

Part 1 of 3 in a blog series. An excerpt from Permission to Lead, book2 of The Dominant Gene series. Main character Joel, an IT director at Watzka Legacy, is talking with the CIO about changing his calendar to be value-based:

I share what I know about the concept of value: the main goal is to provide the best value to the customer with as little waste as possible. Waste is a huge topic that I recommended Rick research. The tricky part for a leader’s calendar is figuring out what is a value add for the customer. Our current culture at WL has a different idea of what this is than what the lean and agile methodologies offer.

For most leaders, there are two kinds of waste: the things we must do that do not add customer value, and things that we think we have do that add no customer value. I pause, just like Eve would do.

Rick’s eyes light up, “Do you have an example of both?”

“Yes. There are lots of examples. It’s important to remember that lean and agile methodologies uphold that people have the best intentions. People are never waste. So when I talk about waste, it’s something that is broken in the process or in the environment, not the person.”

Rick nods slowly. The wheels are turning… This is kind of exciting.

Your challenge: Look at your calendar, and begin to think about: where do you give and get value? If you get stuck, contact me and we can talk. We’ll continue with part 2 next.



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