“There you go”

At first, I thought it was an isolated event. The Target employee finished my sale, and handed me my receipt with a “There you go.”

Wait, where am I going? Oh, she is acknowledging that she is giving me my receipt. Okay.

No thank you. No appreciation or gratitude of any sort for the $104.39 bill. End of customer experience.

Was this a one-off, or a trend? I started listening closer in other retail transactions. Sendik’s grocery markets. Walgreen’s drug store. A corporate employee café. Each time, it was “There you go.” Nothing else. It feels like a trend.

thank u

These are very obvious examples of missed opportunities for good customer experience. What about less obvious, but no less impactful moments?

When you create anything, you have the choice to simply throw what you’ve made over to the customer, in a “There you go” manner, or you can choose offer your work with intent. And, with gratitude. What this looks like for your art, your business, is up to you and your team (and your coach!). Experiment, learn, and enjoy the rewards of building a memorable customer experience.

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