The Trust Game Part 1

Part 1 of 2 in a blog series. An excerpt from Permission to Lead, book 2 of The Dominant Gene series. Main character Joel is meeting one-on-one with his coach, Eve. 


“How about this one, Eve?” I share the story of how leaders trusting us is now our problem. First it was talking about the survey responses, then there was the undiscussables box exercise. Now Lora is going to continue the exercise in our director team meetings.

Eve looks at me with an even face, but her eyes are on fire, “So, when trust is forced on a team, and made to be their problem, what happens?”

Art by Ian Corrao

“We find our way around it, or ignore it, but we have to make it look like we care.”

“You game the system,” she says flatly.

I chuckle, “Yeah. I guess that’s what it is.”

“And, whenever things are a game, there is competition. And likely, cheating.”

How well she knows this problem. “Well, there is that.”


What can you do differently to keep authenticity in how you measure…anything related to employee engagement?

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