The Trust Game Part 2

Part 2 of 2 in a blog series. An excerpt from Permission to Lead, book 2 of The Dominant Gene series. Main character Joel is meeting one-on-one with his coach, Eve to discuss measuring employee engagement. 


“And, whenever things are a game, there is competition. And likely, cheating.”

How well she knows this problem. “Well, there is that.”

“People and teams are not fools. They know when it makes sense to jump through the hoop to please the bosses, rather than to challenge the issue. They jump through the hoop, so they can get on with whatever is next. So what is this, Joel?”

Joel, tech director in Permission to Lead. Artwork by Ian Corrao.

“Since when do you use the word bosses?”

“Bosses are bosses. Leaders are leaders,” Eve smiles, “back to my question. What is this, Joel?”

“It’s survival. Which pits us against each other.”

“Yes. What else?”

“It’s widening the trust gap, instead of narrowing it.”

“Right. A Grand Canyon in the making, in fact. What else?”

“Well, under the big topic of trust, there is no transparency…”

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