The Human Context Switch

Context switching is different than not being able to keep up with rapid change. It is:

  • Trying to do more than one task at a time.
  • Interruptions, so that one task isn’t complete before you must begin another.
  • Trying to do a series of tasks in quick succession.

Context switching can get the best of even your most stunning talent, the most successful entrepreneur, costing your team, your organization, and your dream large amounts of money.

And, you will never see it happen.

But you and your people will feel it.

What to do? Talk about it as a team. Find the biggest pain points. Commit to change. Then, pick one small action to begin living out your strategy to focus on whatever it is that matters most.

What is the most important action of all? Commit to change. A lot of great things can be said in a meeting that never actually get accomplished.

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