That Moment

Racing Ironman Triathlon has its share of challenges. The greatest ones are those I call Ironman Moments. When it’s incredibly difficult to continue on even one step more. When there are 1,000 reasons to quit, and only one to keep going… Your One Thing. Your one reason is strong enough to overcome all the objection a race can dish out.

Ironman Wisconsin 2016 with fractured foot: it came down to my One Thing.

Changing how you work and changing your mindset has similar moments. Call them what you like. Whether it’s an agile or scaled agile transformation, or maybe you are a startup approaching a go/no go decision. Know your One Thing and then hold on.

When it gets hard, when you feel like quitting is the best option, don’t. Adjust and adapt. And remember you are not alone; you have me and an entire Agile community here to help.

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