Successful Leader Fortunes: 3

A blog series tied a leadership YouTube video by AB2 Consulting Services, LLC. Imagine fortune cookies cracked open, the fortune is read, along with the statement “as a leader.” Then discuss. Consider trying it with your own leader team.

Fortune:  you will enjoy true bliss in whatever you do…as a leader.

Do you trudge through your days leading with the week’s dysfunction (most companies have some kind!) instead of positivity? Good leaders are not fake, but they are positive thinkers with the future in mind.

If you can’t find a way to positively lead where you are, maybe it’s time for a change. Reflect on what inspires you, what is your passion, and  re-establish it as a priority.

Yes, there are mortgages and families and expenses to think about, but every day that passes with you not working at your best is truly a wasted time.

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