Successful Leader Fortunes: 4

A blog series tied a leadership YouTube video by AB2 Consulting Services, LLC. Imagine fortune cookies cracked open, the fortune is read, along with the statement “as a leader.” Then discuss. Consider trying it with your own leader team.

Fortune:  you will enjoy true bliss in whatever you do…as a leader.

Building on our last discussion…Do you trudge through your days leading with the week’s dysfunction (most companies have some kind) or with positivity?

So, you’ve determined you could be more positive. If you’ve done some reflection and determined that there are enough redeemable things about your current job to remain there, that’s a great first step.

The next step is to reflect on why Your job is no longer blissful to you. The best place to begin getting back to the joy in your job that you used to have is to look at your calendar. It’s probably not the answer you want to hear, but it is the root of most dissatisfaction in leader and other tech jobs.

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