Ready (enough) for a Coach?

Ready enough, because perfectly ready doesn’t exist.

Maybe you are ready (enough), maybe not.

So many times, coaches are hired before leaders and teams are ready for them. Honest personality differences aside, clients need to be as prepared to be coached as the coaches are.

Maybe you are in a coaching engagement, and it’s not going very well. An honest reflection may reveal that you or your leaders or teams may not be ready (enough) for coaching.

Take yourself or your leader team through these indicators, and honestly reflect on them.

You Really Want it
People who are at a point in their life, career or athletic achievement when they want more. You are ready to grow, even if there are many things in the way, you back.

You See Coaching as a Personal Investment
You might not know how to get there, but you have a strong sense of owning what you want. You know the time is now, not next year or the year after that. Today is ripe with possibility.

You are Willing to Be Vulnerable
You are willing to let go, no matter how hard it will be. You know that change will not happen in your current place.

You Value Our Expertise
You see your coach as a critical part of your vision for success, and are willing to trust your coach and the methodologies used. You know your coach won’t do things for you, but help you help yourself.

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