Telling Your Leader You are Cancelling a Meeting Series Part 4 of 4

Blog 4 of 4.

The last three blogs explored the value of meetings. Now that you want to make changes, how to approach your leader about changing your calendar? This excerpt from Reveille, book one of The Dominant Gene series shows you up close and personal how one director, Joel, tells his VP, Lora, that he is no longer attending a meeting, because he neither gives or receives value from it:

Lora pauses for a moment. “Let’s say I’m not on the call, and you’re not on the call. What happens when that team needs our perspective? What happens when they need our perspective and they don’t know they need it?” Lora isn’t really asking me. “It will be a lost opportunity.”

“That’s what I thought, Lora. Then I took time to do some honest reflection on the value I add in that meeting. The reality is, they don’t need me there.”

It’s clear Lora’s had enough, and we’re only 15 minutes into our meeting, including the seven minutes she was late. “I have to run. Can you please send me a report of all the meetings you are skipping, and why? I might need to see how we can cover this while you’re in coaching.”

“Lora, this isn’t a temporary thing. I don’t intend to rejoin that meeting.”

Her nose twitches. This means she is really mad. I’ve seen it many times before. “Well, send me the report anyway. I need to get a handle on what is going on.”

“I would like it better if we talked about it. I had a really great discussion with my coach that I’d like to share with you. That might be more valuable for both of us than a report.”

“Let’s do both,” she commands. “What’s with you using the word “value” all of the time?”


Be ready to be patient, uncomfortable, and then…liberated.

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