Own the Transaction

The pilot who stands outside the plane to greet you, before and after your flight.

The camp director who greets every family at the camp entrance, as they are about to drop off their child for a week, or several weeks.

Families anxiously await the bugle call, signaling the happy beginning of a summer camp session at Camp Minikani.

People notice the ownership of your service or your leadership in these larger transactions. But what about the smaller ones that happen daily?

Such as checking out at a grocery store, when the cashier actually says “Thank you,” instead of  “There you go.”

Or, the leader who frequently interacts with teams and relentlessly shares his vision with them.

The conscious, alert person notices your ownership in these small, frequent transactions. It’s likely your work isn’t for *everyone*, rather, those who listen to you. These alert people are the ones you want as your customer…and on your team.


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