Intent for the Meetings You Own Part 3 of 4

Blog 3 of 4.

The last two blogs explored the value of meetings. It’s important to know where you give value and get value in your interactions.

What about the meetings you own? Here are some powerful questions to ask yourself about those meetings. You may find they are no longer needed, or, you may find the intent has changed, and it’s time to re-assess as a group.

  1. What is the intent of the meeting? Is it the original intent of the meeting? Does it change things like who should be there, how often you meet, where you meet?
  2. Do I have the right people in the room for the intent of the meeting?
  3. Could this meeting be replaced with more face to face interaction? For example, could my one-on-one status meetings be eliminated if I regularly spend more time with my team to understand how things are going?
  4. Am I making unreasonable demands on people to attend the meeting due to time of the day, location?
  5. Do I position important meetings during the prime work hours to get maximum attendance, or do I fit them in to the shreds of the day and hope that everyone can attend?

When you own a meeting, you own so much more than the calendar rights. Give people your best.




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