How do you Know?

“How do you know you can run that far, if you haven’t done it before?” My brother asked me, before my first marathon. My brother didn’t doubt me; he doubted the process. He really had a hard time imagining making it 26.2 miles without having done it before.

I reminded him that for these never-before goals, there is planning, a process, and a mindset needed. I gave my brother  examples of mountain climbing, authoring a book, parenthood, even picking strawberries. You didn’t know, until you did it.

Do you take yourself out of the running, simply because you haven’t done it before?

Do you discount your teams, because they haven’t done this work before?

Do the planning, have a process, and then believe that your effort will yield success, and learning. You do not know, but don’t let that stop you.

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