Drive Agile or Lead Agile?

Are you hoping to roll out Agile, and check it off the list? It’s not that simple. In fact, companies that roll out Agile in a systematic, project-managed way usually stop using Agile, because it “doesn’t work for them.”

Here’s some motivation to think differently about your agile transformation: An excerpt from Permission to Lead, book2 of The Dominant Gene series. Main character Joel, an IT director at Watzka Legacy, is talking with his peers about who the CIO will hire to help with adopting Agile.


“What bothers me the most is that Rick is looking for someone who can help drive forward our agile transformation.”

“That sounded pretty vanilla to me,” Meryll says.

I shake my head no, “He wants WL to go agile, and he wants to hire someone to drive forward the agile transformation. He didn’t say he wanted to hire an agile leader.”



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