Drawing the Line

The inital response when change is slow to happen is to blame it on culture. To draw a line in the sand, or paint one on a wall, that shows “you are here, and you need to get way over there.” With good intentions, committees are formed, titles are invented, and money is spent. Innovation and self organization is lost. These big bang efforts rarely yield any impact on the culture, and change continues to languish. Not from poor execution or lack of talent, but because culture is the wrong target.


Change languishes in large organizations because of the environment. How things are funded, how people are rewarded (if they are rewarded), and what leaders are asked to do are examples of a corporate environment. When these things change, the outcome is culture change. One piece at a time, and not usually in a linear fashion.

In November, I will share more on this topic at the Agile Dev East conference, in Orlando, Florida. We’ll dig into environmental challenges, including of what it’s like to make an Agile dojo from scratch. Please join me, and if you use my offer code BE16FV34 and register by October 14, 2016, you will save up to $400 off your registration fees.

I hope to see you there, because you want to make lasting, sustainable change. Because you do not see any lines.

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