Corporate Entitlement 2

Based on an AB2 Consulting Services YouTube video, this blog is the second in a two-part series on helping yourself and others work through change.

Sometimes as leaders we get questions such as “why can’t I be promoted?”   These are the situations many leaders dread; however, questions like this are an opportunity to build trust, or lose it.

Begin by meeting your employee where they are, because once you understand what is bothering them, it will be easier to help lead them through to a better–or at least a more positive–place.

One recommended way to tackle this situation is by using powerful questions. These have been around for a long time; you can research them online very easily. Powerful questions are designed to get to the root of the issue. Powerful questions such as…

What would that promotion look like?

What is the benefit of this promotion?

At home, family leaders get questions such as…

Why can’t I have a car?

Why do I have to do so many chores?

Then, it’s up to you to listen to their responses and find the best way to lead them to a better or more positive place.  Don’t get frustrated if you find you have to repeat yourself with this process, because you are working to change a mindset over time.

The outcome of all of this is helping your employee and your team, or your family, have more ownership in their destiny and become a stronger, more trusting team.

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