The Competitor in Me II: Conquer Fear

the competitor in me 2



Picking up where The Competitor in Me left off, The Competitor in Me II: Conquer Fear, finds Francie Van Wirkus nose-to-nose with an uninvited challenge, causing her to face her deepest fears. Overwhelmed with the challenge before her, she again battles the doubt demons who constantly work against all that is confident and positive in her world. Ultimately, she digs even deeper to find she has everything she needs to conquer fear. With honesty, emotional intelligence, and a touch of humor, Van Wirkus shows readers how she completely dismantles fear and finds an amazing new life beyond it. You will laugh, cry, and be inspired to live life like never before.

“Incredible, inspirational book – could not put it down. Loved this book. Made me smile, made me sad. Very inspirational to me.” Patti

“I loved this book as much as I loved the first book! It’s a wonderful biography about how the author went on to face more challenges, including cancer, and what she did to face her fears and chase her dreams.”


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