The Competitor in Me

the competitor in me



Through memoirs, The Competitor in Me engages the reader in a poignant story of how each of us, with perseverance, can do what seems impossible. Breaking through requires conquering yourself many times over, by winning or recovering from epic battles with doubt demons, who constantly work to make you feel less than the amazing person you are. The Competitor in Me is an inspirational travelogue in which a suburban, married-suddenly-single-then remarried working Mom breaks out of the rut to emerge an athlete and author.

“I loved this book, and was waiting to read it for over a year until we got an e-reader.” Trimommy18

“I loved how the author really was honest about her personal struggles emotionallynd physicall as she followed the desire in her. I read it on my Droid while working out or waiting in line and when the follow up book came out quickly bought it and am currently reading it.” Linda Detrick

“…she writes in a very conversational, engaging tone that kept me coming back for more. In one of the busiest weeks of my year, I managed to start and finish this book. Looking forward to the second one!” K

“Great read – compelling story. Good story line, interesting, fun and insightful. Makes me want to try a race of some sort.” Timothy Baur

“An inspirational story of someone in the real world trying to juggle family, relationships and the mammoth ambition of doing the Ironman. A gritty, real-world experience that inspires the average man or woman to get out of their life rut and conquer their dreams and ambitions.” Grant

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