…A comedy of family errors, a tale of two mother’s guilt. When two mothers steeped in Catholic tradition discover their children’s marriage is in jeopardy, they decide they’re not going to take it lying down.

Young, successful Mary Anna and Dominic O’Shea face deep marriage woes after the family’s treasured Galloway rosary is sold in a gambling deal. Yet it’s their mothers, consumed with guilt and shame, who complicate matters. They sojourn the globe and their hearts until left with a choice: compromise their own Christian values in the name of upholding those of their children, or stop meddling in their children’s lives.

What seems perfectly rational behavior to the mothers looks like they have bats in the belfry to the troubled couple, and everyone else. The family priests see trouble brewing, defying their oaths of secrecy over golf and sheepshead, they team up to try and save Mary Anna and Dominic from more problems. Catholic mother problems.

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