Announcing the Agile Bettys Podcast

Announcing the Agile Bettys podcast! I’m hoping you, my smart and faithful blog readers, will kindly listen to our flagship show, What is Agile?

Agile Bettys was formed by two tech Moms (that’s me and Rae Fredric!) who wanted to get more out of life. Rather than buy and expensive sports car, get a radical hairstyle, and be seen with strange men, we opted to found Agile Bettys. As we experiment and learn, we invite you to do the same. We don’t have all the answers, but over time, we have come to appreciate:

  • Being with people, instead of being caught up in work
  • Trying new things over staying in that safe, comfy rut
  • Sharing what you’ve learned, instead of dying of embarrassment
  • Changing small things over time, instead of trying to change one, giant thing at once


If you are in IT, think of the Agile Bettys as cross training for growing your Agile mind. To be a good athlete, you do more than just run (well, you should, says this coach). Time in the weight room matters. Rest matters. Using the foam roller matters. Doing another sport like bicycling or walking keeps you from over training, so that matters, too.

So it is with growing into being Agile. If you develop software or solve IT problems, or lead others who do these things, Agile shouldn’t stop when you leave work. You don’t have to go and scare the family with a new Kanban board in the kitchen (but they work so nicely), but there is endless opportunity all around us to continuously improve. I reckon there are a few Honey Do lists at home, just begging for iteration.

Maybe you have a leader or coworker who just doesn’t get Agile, no matter how many blogs or articles they read. Agile Bettys may be just what the doctor ordered to help get them up and running. Our Agile lifestyle stories may resonate better with them than reading Lean Startup, because we use interesting lifestyle topics. And, we’re pretty funny. We’d love to help these coworkers ease into the art of bite sized chunks, iteration, and continuous improvement.

Finally, don’t forget to join our feedback loop. We want to keep improving, one small chunk at a time. Don’t have time? If  you are too busy to improve, maybe you are too busy.


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