An Agile that can’t be Ignored

“Our agenda will probably go off the rails, so we’re being very Agile.”
“We don’t know where we are going, so we are very Agile.”

Hold on a minute.


Someone who doesn’t take the time to learn Agile is a risk to your Agile transformation. Amidst a flurry of activity within your organization, it’s so easy to ignore or forget the basics, cut a few corners. Annotate training. Skip the coaching. Then, you become Kinda Sorta Agile.

Someone who has stopped caring about the fundamentals of Agile is a red flag that your adoption is sliding off the rails. Pushed down too many times, it’s safer to stay down. Your Agile adoption is no match for an organization that penalizes people for caring.

Agile gives leaders and teams incredible focus, and, freedom to care about people and the work. The challenge for organizations, then, is to elevate Agile to where it can’t be ignored, forgotten, or squashed.

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