An Independence Celebration of a Different Sort

Tonight is the night of my book launch party for Reveille. It’s the first book of The Dominant Gene series, a business novel about changing to become a better leader, an agile leader. Making time to celebrate with friends, family and my lean-agile tribe is going to feel good. Yet, it’s more than a party, more than a culmination of relentless work and sacrifice.

It’s a celebration of being an  entrepreneur. Those in my family who have taken the leap before me are an inspiration. So are my current collaboration partners. There’s no better way to celebrate this day than with my terrific indie artist, Ian Corrao.


He’s the creator and artist of He also considers himself an amateur prop maker. He loves working on commissions whether it be drawings, helmets & props, or even logos. You can see his fine work in Reveille and on Etsy.

hohocupcake  coffeebag

There is also no better cake to celebrate with than one from independent, local baker and Milwaukee Cake Boss, Crumby Art. Well, they ship their custom, one-of-a-kind fondant cakes, cake toppers, and décor all over the place. And they are practically in my back yard. If you are in the Milwaukee, Wisconsin area, just stop in and visit. Maybe try the lemon basil cupcake. You will find sweet rewards with free Wi-Fi and locally ground coffee.


When you have the chance to celebrate accomplishment, don’t pass it by. This is reflection, and it is important to your personal growth. If you can do it while supporting the entrepreneurs in your life, you be rewarded with professional, personal service unlike anything from a big box anything. Seek them out, work with them, and experience the best.


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