An Agile Leader Story


Introducing Reveille, an Agile leader story. The Dominant Gene is a business novel series about the journey to becoming an Agile leader. At the highest level, an Agile leader is fearless; not afraid to serve others, to learn daily, and to sense and adapt to uphold quality and customer value.

Each journey is different, because we are from all different industries, backgrounds, and corporate cultures. No matter your journey, you can be assured that the ride will be undulating, time consuming, and very personal. And, you will learn that the destination is not the end, but the beginning. The Dominant Gene offers an up-close view into one leader’s quest to become an Agile leader: the struggles, victories, and learnings.

You’re invited to join Joel as he grows from comfort and complacency to an Agile leader. It is my hope you will be entertained, disturbed, and motivated to end your comfy world of complacency, and begin to grow. When it gets hard, when you feel like quitting, remember you are not alone; you have me and an entire Agile community here to help.

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