Agile, After the Party (plus offer code)

New is so exciting. So immediately attention-grabbing and demanding.

What about when new fades? What kind of thing continues to hold our attention over the long run? Things we value. People we value. Tribes.

When they are new, technology transformations like Agile and Scaled Agile demand our attention and can be very exciting. But what about after the splashy, noisy launch party is over? When the backlogs of work are digging into the real dependencies we’ve been ignoring for years (decades!) feel hopelessly heavy.

Join me at Agile Dev West in Las Vegas this June to talk about building on and preserving the things, people and tribes we value using a dojo. Use my offer code BW17FV28 & save up to $200 on your entry. Not sure what an Agile dojo is? Come to Las Vegas to learn about it! It will be great context for the leader dojo you might want for your team. See you there.


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