A Wake-up Call to Agile Leadership

Meet Joel, an IT director at Watzka Legacy, the technology arm of a large, American corporation. Vice President Lora informs Joel and two of his peers that they must commit to Agile leader coaching, because the company is “going Agile.”


Art by Ian Corrao

Effective immediately, Joel is assigned to Eve, an experienced master coach, with a practical side. But Joel doesn’t believe he needs to change. His career and things at Watzka Legacy are going just fine. To make matters worse, all Eve seems to want to talk about is Lean leader standard work. Where is the Agile in this Agile coaching?

Over hot drinks at a local café, Eve reveals to Joel that his career at Watzka Legacy is definitely not fine. In fact, his reveille, his unexpected awakening is all at once exhilarating and disturbing, and is occurring in many parts of his life. Join Joel on his undulating journey to becoming a better leader, an Agile leader.

Reveille, the first book in the Agile leader series The Dominant Gene, is about the twisting, undulating road of becoming an Agile leader. This business novel is told from the colorful perspective of main character Joel, because each leader journey is very personal. Each chapter offers readers a chance to learn and reflect on key Agile and Lean leader concepts, as told by Joel’s journal entries.

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