Obvious is a Ruse


“We are a SAFe shop.”

“We are all in for scrum.”

“We are going to Lean out everything.”

Large enterprises using profound statements like this are kidding themselves that they have an answer. It’s really tempting to believe that a framework or methodology will be the answer to your technical, and more importantly, people problems.

But…we did a study. Even if you’ve paid big consulting money for a study on how your organization works (or doesn’t), you don’t have final answers. When it seems obvious what the answer is for your organization, take a step back. Obvious is a ruse.

So now what? Scientist Mat Lalonde advises, “Always take hysteria and dogmatism with a grain of salt.” Translated to agility and continuous flow, it means…don’t go Wild West, off and doing your own, newly created version of SAFe. Don’t be a Club Agilist, only kinda sorta using the Agile tools, but certainly not the mindset.

Respect and use the frameworks and methodologies. That’s how large, complex organizations are able to get their transformation up and running. Methodologies and frameworks are not your finish line; an ever-curious, agile organization is.

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